New Zealand will speed up the approval process for photovoltaic projects

The New Zealand government has begun to accelerate the approval process for photovoltaic projects in order to promote the development of the photovoltaic market. The New Zealand government has referred construction applications for two photovoltaic projects to an independent fast-track panel. The two PV projects have a combined capacity of more than 500GWh per year.

UK renewable energy developer Island Green Power said it plans to develop the Rangiriri Photovoltaic project and the Waerenga photovoltaic project on New Zealand's North Island.

New Zealand will speed up the approval process for photovoltaic projects

The planned installation of the 180MW Waerenga PV project and the 130MW Rangiriri PV project is expected to generate about 220GWh and 300GWh of clean electricity per year respectively. New Zealand's state-owned utility Transpower, owner and operator of the country's electricity grid, is a joint applicant for both PV projects due to its provision of related infrastructure.The construction applications for the two PV projects have been submitted to an independent fast-track panel, which speeds up the approval process for renewable energy projects that are likely to boost economic activity, and contributes to New Zealand's efforts to accelerate the promotion of renewable energy as the government sets a target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Environment Minister David Parker said the fast-track Consent Act, introduced to speed up infrastructure development, allows renewable energy projects to be referred directly to an independent panel managed by New Zealand's Environmental Protection Agency.

Parker said the bill reduces the number of parties who submit comments and shortens the approval process, and the fast-track process reduces the time for each renewable energy project installed by 15 months, saving infrastructure builders a lot of time and expense.

"These two PV projects are examples of renewable energy projects that need to be developed to meet our environmental targets," he said. "Increasing electricity generation and supply can improve New Zealand's energy resilience. This permanent fast-track approval process is a key part of our plan to reduce carbon emissions and improve economic security by increasing renewable energy generation."

Post time: May-12-2023