The tracking solar mounting bracket has great potential or becomes a new blue ocean of photovoltaic

solar tracking mounting

Photovoltaic solar mounting brackets are divided into two categories: fixed PV Mounting Brackets and tracking PV Mounting Brackets. Among them, tracking PV mounting system as an important part of solar power system, whose market potential is gradually released.
The tracking solar panel bracket is a special bracket that can follow the sun to improve the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic modules. Compared with the traditional fixed panel mounting brackets, the tracking photovoltaic bracket has higher power generation efficiency and lower KWH cost. Over the past decade, the use of tracking stents in the global PV market has grown rapidly, with some countries having a high penetration rate of nearly 80%. However, China’s photovoltaic power generation market is dominated by centralized power generation, so the fixed solar bracket system accounts for a relatively high proportion of the overall market, and the distributed power generation market penetration rate is still relatively low, which also causes the development of tracking brackets to lag behind, only in the embryonic stage of development, and the current market penetration rate is less than 20%.
On the one hand, because the initial development of domestic tracking bracket is relatively slow, manufacturers’ shipments are uneven, resulting in tracking brackets with transmission devices more prone to failure, reliability is doubtful, and operation and maintenance costs rise. On the other hand, the cost of the tracking solar PV brackets is relatively higher than that of the fixed bracket. In the past era of photovoltaic power generation subsidies, the government set a guide price for the new centralized photovoltaic power stations included in the scope of financial subsidies, so the terminal power station pays more attention to the initial investment cost, and less chooses the tracking bracket with an initial cost premium.
In the past two years, with the gradual advancement of China’s photovoltaic parity Internet policy, the fixed bracket no longer meets the urgent needs of power station owners for high power generation and high income, and the intelligent tracking system, which improves power generation efficiency and ultimately reduces the cost of kilowatt-hour electricity, is gradually sought after. More and more power plant owners are beginning to realize that reducing the cost of kilowatt-hour electricity by improving the efficiency of power generation is the key to achieving long-term profitability of photovoltaic power plants. Therefore, they began to turn their eyes to the emerging product of the tracking solar mounting brackets.
In addition, with the acceleration of the construction of centralized ground power stations and the expansion of supply chain capacity, component prices continue to fall, and the photovoltaic downstream link will continue to benefit. Under this trend, the market share of tracking brackets is expected to steadily increase. Some institutions predict that in the next few years, the penetration rate of tracking stent in the domestic market is expected to reach more than 40%. Overall, the tracking bracket with power generation gain, or become another key point for the photovoltaic industry to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Post time: Feb-18-2024