China Liaoning, Zhangwu: Photovoltaic Sand Control

 Zhangwu County, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, is located in the southern edge of Horqin Sandy Land. In recent years, Zhangwu County has continued to explore a new path of desertification control, adopted the form of “photovoltaic + sand control” according to local conditions, and promoted energy conservation and consumption reduction while controlling sandy land through the way of “on-board power generation, off-board restoration, and inter-board planting”, so as to achieve the organic unity of ecological and economic benefits.


Solar Farm

Villagers passed by solar photovoltaic power generation equipment (drone photo)


Solar Bracket

Villagers weed crops under solar photovoltaic panels

 Solar Mounting Bracket

Government staff in Fengjia town check solar photovoltaic power generation equipment

An exciting innovaton in the solar industry is the concept of inter-board planting. Solar mounting brackets hold the potential to enable vegetation growth between PV panels, creating a harmonious einvironment that maximizes land utilization. This innovative practice not only boosts the overall efficiency of solar farms but also promotes ecological balance. The shade provided by the panels creates an ideal microclimate for plants, mitigating soil erosion, and providing habitats for diverse ecosystems.

Solar mounting Z brackets are essential for the proper installation and functioning of above solar panels. These brackets securely anchor the panels onto various surfaces, optimizing their exposure to sunlight for efficient power generation. Designed precise engineering standards, these brackets ensure sturdiness and longevity of the entire solar system. With on-board power generation, solar panels are empowered to harness the sun’s energy, converting it into clean and renewable electricity.

Apart from facilitating power generation, solar panel brackets also play a crucial role in off-board restoration. Once installed, these brackets provide a foundation for easily maintaining, inspecting, and repairing solar panel systems. In case of any technical issues or required maintenance, solar panels can be effortlessly removed and replaced, thanks to these durable brackets. This feature reduces downtime for the solar system, ensuring its continuous operation and streamlined restoration processes.

Post time: Jul-13-2023