Mounting system for agrivoltaics


Chinese pv mounting system provider  has developed a mounting structure for agrivoltaic systems that can be applied to different crops.This Solar Mounting System offers a tilt angle of up to 30 degrees and can host either framed or frameless solar modules.

The structure is suitable to ensure different light transmittance levels and enable several pv racking system layouts in order to meet developers’ needs for different crop growth and to create the appropriate environment for different crops in a flexible way. The main body of the Agri-PV system adopts Zn Al Mg Steel Coils, so it won’t impede the daily operation of the agricultural machinery. The columns can be adapted to different projects, multiple square tube can be switched seamlessly, and it boasts excellent bearing performance even with the large span structure. The T-shape slot together with the column, the joint, and the rear diagonal tension brace enables the flexible adjustment ofsolar greenhouse mounting system, reducing the installation time in an efficient way, according to the manufacturer. “The Agri-PV system has passed the professional tests and acquired the certificates for a minimum service life of 25 years.

This is a model that combines Photovoltaic System and planting industry, covering photovoltaic vegetables, photovoltaic flowers, photovoltaic seedlings, photovoltaic edible fungi, photovoltaic Chinese medicinal materials and other forms. In these modes, the space under the photovoltaic panel can be used to grow shad-loving plants, such as lettuce, bitter chrysanthemum, Guanyin, field seven, rape, leek, ginger, etc., and melons and fruits, such as oranges, loquat, etc. Meanwhile,agrivoltaics involves the integration of photovoltaic technology and animal husbandry, including photovoltaic livestock (such as cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc.) and photovoltaic fisheries (such as freshwater aquaculture, mariculture and surface PV, etc.). In these modes, photovoltaic panels can provide power support for livestock farming, or for aquaculture, to achieve a dual-use effect.

Post time: Jan-03-2024