Europe’s largest photovoltaic module factory has announced it is closing its doors

Chinese PV products

On February 23, Swiss solar energy company Meyer Burger said Friday that it will close its photovoltaic module production plant in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany, in phases, and will stop production in early March this year and officially close at the end of April this year.

According to Meyer Burger, its plant in Freiberg is the largest photovoltaic module manufacturer in Europe, with 500 employees.

The company’s CEO Erfurt believes that the company’s financial difficulties come from price competition from Chinese products, and blamed the EU side for “inaction”, so far has not provided manufacturers with policy support, including electricity subsidies. Chinese photovoltaic companies that are subsidized by the government are dumping their products at low prices, which has a huge impact on European photovoltaic companies.

At the same time, Meierberg announced that it will further promote the construction of plants in Colorado and Arizona in the United States, in order to “more clearly focus on our U.S. business.”
Other solar companies are also threatening to close plants in Europe. The companies point out that, given that Chinese PV products are dumped into Europe at low prices, it is difficult to sustain the industry without financial support from local governments. In addition, the United States imposed trade barriers on Chinese-made photovoltaic panels, which also led to more products pouring into the European market.

The decision to close the Freiberg plant highlights the challenges facing the solar industry as companies deal with changing market dynamics and seek to adapt to changing consumer preferences and technological advances. Meyer Burger’s strategic moves reflect broader trends in industry consolidation and operational efficiency.

The company’s decision to consolidate its operations comes as solar power continues to gain traction as a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. Despite market challenges, Meyer Burger remains committed to advancing solar technology and contributing to the global transition to renewable energy.

Post time: Feb-23-2024