Aluminum Alloy Solar Mounting Bracket for Roofing

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Aluminum Alloy Solar Mounting Bracket for Roofing are mainly installed on the following three types of roof tiles:

● Prepainted Steel Trapezoidal roof tile.

● Glass roof tile.

● Ceramic roof tile.

The main raw material is Aluminum Alloy with the grade of AL6005-T5. The surface treatment is Anodic Oxidation. The advantage of Aluminum Alloy Solar Bracket is: light weight,natural corrosion resistance, balance voltage, low temperature resistance, environmental protection and easy recycling.

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Solar energy has become one of the most common forms of energy worldwide, especially in sunny regions. Solar power plants convert sunlight into electricity, resulting in low emissions, low space requirements and huge potential. It's no surprise that solar power is growing in popularity. Aside from the panel of the installation, a suitable solar mounting bracket is one of the important aspects of a solar power system.

Aluminum alloy solar mounting brackets for roofs are a great solution for ensuring your solar panels are secure and well grounded. This mount is designed to provide great support, stability and longevity to your solar panel installation. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, known for its strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

The stand's aluminum alloy construction is further reinforced with high-quality components, including stainless steel fasteners. The materials used in the construction of this bracket meet industry standards, ensuring a reliable and durable installation. This mounting bracket system is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as high wind speeds and extreme temperatures, giving users total peace of mind.

Aluminum alloy solar mounting bracket for roof is highly suitable for all types of roof types. Whether it is a flat or pitched roof, metal or concrete; the bracket system accommodates all types of roofs safely and securely. The stand has been engineered to ensure maximum coverage and optimal angle adjustment of the solar panel for maximum energy production.

Installing aluminum solar mounting brackets for roofs offers extraordinary benefits to homeowners who opt for solar. The brackets ensure minimal damage to the roof structure and eliminate the need to drill holes into the roof surface. As a result, the roof does not experience leaks or any other type of damage, ensuring long-term durability of the roof and brackets. The mounting brackets also provide excellent support for a durable installation, preventing any structural damage to the roof or the property itself.

Prepainted Steel Trapezoidal/Glass/Ceramic Tile Solar Mounting Bracket
Raw Material: Aluminum Alloy
Surface treatment: Anodic Oxidation
Model:GRTAR-01GRTAR-01 GRTAR-0101 Model: GRTAR-02GRTAR-02 GRTAR-0202
Model:GRTAR-03GRTAR-03 GRTAR-0301 Model:GRTAR-04GRTAR-04 GRTAR-0401
Model:GRTAR-05GRTAR-05 GRTAR-0501 Model:GRTAR-06GRTAR-06 GRTAR-0601
Model:GRTAR-07GRTAR-07 GRTAR-0701 Model:GRTAR-08GRTAR-08  GRTAR-0801

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