Huaneng’s first Farm-PV Complementary Photovoltaic Power Station is Connected to the Grid

Ground Solar Mounting Bracket

On August 26, Huaneng Gaoqing (Phase I) 100 MW Farm-PV complementary power generation project was successfully connected to the grid in Nuilandi Ranch, Tangfang Town, Gaoqing County, Zibo. This is the first pastoral light complementary power generation project of Huaneng Group, and also the largest pastoral light complementary power generation project in Shandong. 

Looking at the hundreds of cattle sheds neatly arranged, groups of black cattle wanton play, uncomfortable. Looking up, the top of the cowshed is not the traditional shed roof, a piece of black and blue photovoltaic panels against the sky and the sun “embrace”, the scene is quite spectacular. The on-site staff told reporters that the first phase of the project now has a total of 196 cowsheds, equipped with more than 143,000 photovoltaic panels, and the cowshed photovoltaic works at the same time, becoming a landscape. 

“The pastoral and light complementary project we created is to lay photovoltaic modules directly on the roof of the cattle shed in the farm, and emit green electricity while raising cattle, so as to achieve the integration and interaction of multiple industrial chains.” The field staff explained. According to reports, the project is invested by Huaneng Shandong Company, operated and managed by Huaneng Xindian Power Plant, with a planned capacity of 300 MW, covering an area of about 4500 mu, and divided into two phases of construction. The first phase of the project covers an area of 1500 acres, the construction scale of 100 MW, and it is officially put into use after being connected to the grid today. 

The benefits of photovoltaic + farming mode are self-evident. “After the full capacity of the first phase of the project is put into operation, the average annual on-grid electricity is about 117 million KWH, compared with thermal power, it can save about 35,700 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 92,900 tons per year.” Field staff said. In addition, compared with traditional photovoltaic projects, the pastoral and light complementary project also greatly improves the land utilization rate, and the use of under-shed farming and above-shed power generation modes makes new energy development and black cattle farming complement each other. It can not only obtain economic benefits, but also achieve green carbon reduction and improve resource utilization, which can be described as a “win-win” project. 

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Post time: Aug-28-2023