How Prevent Large Modules from Hidden Cracks During Installation

As solar energy gradually becomes an important part of new energy, the development of the photovoltaic industry is accelerating. 

In the process of development, the quality and reliability of photovoltaic module products have received great attention. The problems found in installation and operation are mainly hidden cracks, crystalline silicon module because of their own crystal structure is very easy to crack, and crystalline silicon cells tend to thin, reduce the ability of module to prevent mechanical damage, more prone to hidden cracks. Hidden cracks in the module will reduce the efficiency, reliability and service life of the module, and even the stability of the photovoltaic system. 

This article mainly describes how to prevent hidden cracks of photovoltaic modules from the two directions of Solar Panel Mount and Solar Panel Bracket Installation. 

1.Solar Mounting System Design 

1.1 Spacing between Adjacent Module 

The interval between two adjacent single-sided module is at least 10mm. Solar cell modules will experience temperature changes under solar radiation, due to the different coefficient of thermal expansion of different materials, if the design spacing is too small, it may cause stress between the module and the mounting bracket, causing hidden cracks. 

Solar Mounting Racking

1.2 Quality of Solar Mounting Racking 

Good forms and materials of Pv Mounting Brackets can improve the ability of the system to resist wind and snow load, the rigidity of the material will affect the deflection of the module, and the reasonable use of the characteristics of the solar photovoltaic bracket system in the bearing aspect to avoid excessive down deflection causing hidden cracks. 

If the quality of the Solar Mountig racks material is not up to standard, plus the installation is not firm and other reasons may lead to the stress imbalance between the module and the solar rails mounting, resulting in hidden cracks, and even module explosion.

Solar Mountig racks

2.Installation Phase 

2.1 Solar pv racking Installation 

The installation method of solar panel mounting brackets shall comply with the installation instructions and requirements provided by the manufacturer. This usually includes the use of appropriate fasteners such as Mid Clamp,End Clamp,Hex Socket Bolt etc , fittings and sealing materials to ensure that Pv Panel Brackets is stable and waterproof. 

2.2 Module Installation 

Install Module after the pv racking system acceptance is complete to avoid damage to modules caused by repeated disassembly.It is strictly prohibited to step on, kneel, sit and lie module, and it is strictly prohibited to squeeze and knock modules when adjusting the position of modules; The action of the module placed on the Solar Panel Brackets should be light. Do not contact the module with hard objects such as the frame, bracket, screw, and press block.The installation module must be secured by Solar Panel Mounting Clips or compressors, and must be grounded.

 When installing, try to install the upper row of module first, and transfer the installation with two people, and then install the lower row of modules after checking that there is no abnormal fix, which can effectively avoid the manual pressure of the module and the Solar bracket are placed in the support to effectively avoid scratching the bracket;


solar rails mounting

 There shall be no debris on the installed modules, if any, it must be removed or wiped clean on the spot.



Post time: Sep-06-2023