China contributes to global green development

photovoltaic power Station

The Francisco Pizarro Solar Power plant in Extremadura, Spain, will be put into use in 2022 and is one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in operation in Europe. All the solar panels used in the plant come from China.

In Garissa County, Kenya, the Garissa photovoltaic power Station built by a Chinese company effectively solved the problem of local electricity shortage and continued to provide clean electricity for local people.
In recent years, the Bank of China has participated in the UAE’s El Dafra PV2 photovoltaic power plant project and Saudi Arabia’s Sakaka 300-megawatt photovoltaic project, and successfully issued US $500 million in Belt and Road green bonds last year.As the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic modules, has a leading advantage in the construction of photovoltaic projects. As a “bridge” connecting production capacity and demand, Chinese banks can play a positive role in promoting the global energy transition.

China will accelerate the development of renewable energy to ensure national energy security, strengthen the height of ecological civilization construction, and achieve leap-forward development in a short time. It is because of China’s vigorous development of renewable energy that the global cost of solar power generation has been reduced by nearly 90% in recent years, and the cost of wind power has been reduced by 80%.
China’s plan is of great significance to the global energy transition and climate governance, and provides feasible solutions for African and Arab countries to promote energy transition, promote economic development and improve the ecological environment.  China has made great contributions to the global development of renewable energy, and has also brought innovative driving forces to the economic development and green and low-carbon transformation of developing countries.

Post time: Jan-11-2024