PV Mounting Accessory for Prepainted Steel Trapezoidal Tile

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Aluminum alloy PV mounting accessories for Roofing are mainly carried on the Solar Mounting System which are installed on Prepainted Steel Trapezoidal Tile. The main raw material is Aluminum Alloy with the grade of AL6005-T5. The surface treatment is Anodic Oxidation. The advantage of Aluminum Alloy Solar Bracket is: light weight, natural corrosion resistance, balance voltage,low temperature resistance, environmental protection and easy recycling.

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Introducing our latest product innovation - photovoltaic mounting accessories for painted steel trapezoidal tiles! Specifically designed for the rapidly growing photovoltaic (PV) industry, our innovative accessories provide unrivaled installation and installation support for painted steel trapezoidal tile roof applications.

Engineered for durability, efficiency and versatility, photovoltaic mounting accessories for painted steel trapezoidal tiles are engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Made from high strength materials, our products are rigorously tested to ensure superior performance under extreme wind, hail and snow loads.

Our accessories are easy to install and configure, making them ideal for new and retrofit installations. Its modular design allows for quick and precise alignment, saving time and labor costs. With its streamlined, low-profile design, it offers optimal aesthetic integration with the roofline, in contrast to bulky, unsightly mounting systems often found in installations that detract from the building's appearance.

Our painted steel trapezoidal tile photovoltaic mounting accessories provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of roofing applications and are a valuable addition to any photovoltaic installation project. It is compatible with most commercially available photovoltaic modules for unlimited compatibility and versatility, making it the best choice for contractors and system integrators.

In addition to our innovative accessory products, our company offers unparalleled customer service and support. We understand that any PV installation project is only as good as the modules used and we are committed to ensuring our products are always of the highest quality and reliability. From installation inquiries to warranty support, our customer service team is ready to assist with any need or concern that may arise.

PV Mounting Accessory for Prepainted Steel Trapezoidal Tile
Raw Material: Aluminum Alloy
Grade: AL6005-T5
Surface treatment: Anodic Oxidation
Model: GRTAF-01
Trapezoidal Tile Clamp


Model: GRTAF-02
Trapezoidal Tile Clamp


Model: GRTAF-03
Trapezoidal Tile Clamp


Model: GRTAF-04
Trapezoidal Tile Clamp


Model: GRTAF-05
Vertical Locking Fixture


Model: GRTAF-06
Angle Clamp


Model: GRTAF-07
Angle Clamp


Model: GRTAF-08
Angle Clamp


Model: GRTAF-09
Medium Pressing Block


Model: GRTAF-10
Side Pressing Block


Model: GRTAF-11
Side Pressing Tray


Model: GRTAF-12
Rail Connector


Model: GRTAF-13
L-Shaped Pressing Plate


Model: GRTAF-14


Model: GRTAF-15
Trapezoidal Nut Set


Model: GRTAF-16


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